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I in River

Posted 10 October 2012 by Ander Monson
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An excerpt from a beautiful essay on the flow of water, weather, and prose by Ander Monson.


Posted 29 March 2012 by Bently Spang
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Day after day, Artlab organizers put brilliant, passionate people who are at the forefront of climate change research and activism in front of us. Scientists, activists and artists nudged together again. In a weeks time, we hurtled from one remarkable destination to another: Biosphere 2 in all it’s magnificently manufactured glory, a sci-fi-esque experiment from [...]

Hope and uncertainty

Posted 8 January 2012 by Jane Marsching
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Learning in dialog with scientists, conservationists, naturalists, astronomers, activists, and artists at the Biosphere 2, The Institute of the Environment, and Cuenca Los Ojos was an exercise in interweaving uncertainty and hope. 

The Basics of Posting

Posted 1 November 2011 by admin
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A tutorial for Rillito River Project and Art Lab authors.

Stay tuned for Karen Stahlecker’s post.

Posted 20 October 2010 by Karen Stahlecker
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Saturday, October 25, 2014