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Stitch: mending the land

Posted 14 December 2010 by Vidar Lerum

Vidar Lerum

While at the ranch, we got to build two small gabions. This physical practical exercise made me appreciate the hard work and the immense effort that goes into this method of land restoration. Earlier that same morning I had listened to Valer talk to me about how it all started and how the system of gabions is working.


She then spoke about her vision for a more peaceful future in the border region where land restoration goes hand in hand with providing meaningful employment for young people, making the drug trade a less attractive business to join. A transcription will be made from the video that documents Valers private talk with me. I may also do some video editing and perhaps use Valers voice over moving images. In an effort to visualize the land restoration project at El Coronado, I plan to create a series of graphic images or posters. The base for these posters will be aerial photographs of one particular area taken at intervals over ten years. Cindy was very kind to identify and pull the images that I will use.

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